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Polaris Office

8425 Pulsar Place

Suite 450
Columbus, OH 43240

Who We Are

We understand that sometimes, it can be hard to find the time to manage your personal finances. Between everything else you have on your plate, financial planning may be on the back burner. But financial planning can be simplified and we approach things a little differently.

Rather than trying in vain to chase maximum returns, we focus on long-term goals and building long-term relationships with our clients. We follow simple economic principles to help ensure success. Our clients regularly tell us that we make it easier for them to be financially strong and worry-free and we take pride in these compliments. We never talk over the heads of our clients, but instead educate them on their decisions and work together as a team.

In addition to this personal approach, we also utilize a planning tool that works for investors of all shapes and sizes. The Living Balance Sheet®, a tool we utilize at our firm, provides clients with a tangible, easy-to-understand Financial ScoreCard to help them get the right advice, get organized, and know the real truth.

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