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Retirement Savings and Retirement Income Planning

Getting ready for retirement is all about saving some of the money you work so hard to earn.  The more you keep, the more you will have later. With the hopes of having an income plan later in retirement, we help you create a strategy of where to put your money now —one of the things we do best. We help with pension options, social security, and qualified and non-qualified investment accounts so you can see all the pieces of your financial picture come together. We know those grandchildren get into your heart, too, which is why we also offer help with 529 college savings plans.

In retirement, the income you can spend and enjoy is more important than the dollar values of your accounts. How much you can spend and how long the money lasts are common questions from clients as they get closer to their next stage in life.  Our goal is to help you create a plan so that you know you can enjoy life now with less concern about running out of money later.

Care Taking Planning

Sometimes, just as clients retire, their parents are entering a stage in life where they need help, either physically or financially.  We help clients look at this ahead of time, and while there isn't a way to make this easier emotionally, having a resource to help understand the financial consequences can ease some of the stress.